Johannes joined Vines in 2016 after relocating from Berlin, Germany. He brings in several years of experience in the design and construction of educational and residential architecture in Europe as well as knowledge of working on a range of urban development and public space projects. In addition to his design-focused education as an architect at the Bauhaus in Germany he had the chance to earn a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning at Cornell University through a Fulbright scholarship. His comprehensive education and multicultural background allows him to inform the design process with a broad aesthetic, social and cultural understanding.

Projects Johannes has been working on have received a number of awards and prizes, including the Velux Attic Award, the Hans Heinrich Mueller Prize / Vattenfall Award, a 1st prize in the Stockholm Asplund Library International Competition, a 2nd Prize in the Taipei International Design Award and Finalist for the the Urban Living Workshop by the Berlin Senate. His thesis at the Bauhaus University was nominated for the BDA-SARP Architecture Thesis Award by the Association of German Architects, one of the highest national honors for graduates in the field of architecture.

Dipl.-Ing. (Master) of Architecture: Bauhaus University Weimar
Master of City and Regional Planning: Cornell University