We believe in a resilient, site-sensitive and carefully detailed architecture that embraces the unique circumstances inherent in each project and place. Our work is shaped by clearly articulated ideas that are rooted in the integration of PROGRAM , SITE + TECHNOLOGY. More than a catalog of rooms and sizes, we see PROGRAM as an outline of a social idea about people and institutions, while SITE, for us, transcends ‘landscape’ to include the cultural and  broader environmental context of which our projects strive to be a meaningful part. By looking closely at the unique intersection of these fundamental, seemingly prosaic conditions of architecture, and coupling with thoughtful and carefully integrated technical execution, this philosophy yields projects that are client-specific, site-sensitive and, in the end, contribute meaningfully to the advancement of community and culture.

As designers, we believe in a poetic pragmatism- a philosophy that embraces utility and constraints, while simultaneously striving to push each project beyond any perceived limitations, to produce built work  that is practical, meaningful, inspiring and ultimately firmly rooted in its place.

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