As design thinkers, we are initially most concerned with a deep understanding of what a building  needs to BE and how it should perform, rather than how it should look. With little interest in the imposition of preconceived ideas of form or style, our open-minded process is initially rooted in research and an in-depth analysis of the unique conditions of each project. We work closely with highly creative consultants and optimistic and engaged owners throughout the process. We pride ourselves on careful listening, dialogue , interpretation and have a particular strength in balancing a complex range of project issues, that we are able to synthesize into clearly articulated project goals. These collectively defined principles inform a strong central ‘diagram’ that serves to shape and guide the subsequent development of the project.  

Through this iterative, inclusive process, ideas are explored and presented in many different ways with an emphasis on clarity,  ensuring that everyone involved understands the approach and can be actively engaged in the project’s refinement and development. Through a process of consensus building and collaboration, we listen and create together, crafting buildings that transcend expectations and truly reflect the unique aspects of the program and site conditions for which they are developed.

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